ExtraOrdinary Graphic Novel - Convention Exclusive Edition

By Titan Comics


Picture of ExtraOrdinary Graphic Novel - Convention Exclusive Edition

This Exclusive Edition includes a special variant cover with gold metallic ink and a signed tip-in sheet by V. E. Schwab! (Limited to 500 copies)

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, launches her incredible world of super beings with this ALL-NEW dazzlingly illustrated graphic novel set in the five years between Vicious and Vengeful. A must for all Schwab fans everywhere!

Taking place in the years between VICIOUS and VENGEFUL, ExtraOrdinary follows the tale of a teenage girl named Charlotte Tills who following a fatal bus crash, seemingly dies only to wake up to discover she has become an EO — a person with ExtraOrdinary abilities. In Charlotte’s case, it’s the ability to see people's deaths, but when she looks into her own future, sees her own murder at the hands of the self-proclaimed hero and notorious EO killer Eli Ever, who is currently in prison for the murder of Victor Vale. Refusing to accept her fate, Charlotte sets off to find--and change--her future--before it comes for her.  

This collection also features, for the first time ever in print, Schwab’s original 2013 text short story Warm Up, which is set in the Vicious universe.


Writer: V.E Schwab 

Artist: Enid Balam 

Cover Artist: Nen Chang & Liz Tecca

FC, 112pp 

On sale November 16, 2021